The Future of Health Work in Africa: What are the Possibilities and Who Pays?

Friday, October 1, 2021

Join us October 1 at 9 am ET for our Virtual Exchange The Future of Health Work in Africa: What are the Possibilities and Who Pays?, presented by The Global Fund, Gavi, and IntraHealth International.

This creative and highly interactive virtual exchange is based on The Future of Health Work in Africa: What Will It Look Like in 2040?, an in-depth study of potential future scenarios for health work in Africa. It features global leaders, scenario actors, artists, and advocates, and takes us in a virtual time machine to 2040. We will meet with people from the future including: a newscaster, a grandmother, and cyberpunk tech reporters.  

Learn about predictions for global health in the future, exploring future trends and future forecasting, scenario planning, health systems, and complex questions about financing and investment. We will focus on the importance of local leadership, hard choices, innovation and domestic funding initiatives for sustainable health systems, and pandemic prevention and response in a rapidly changing world. And we will be featuring the voices of youth leaders from across Africa who have participated in in-depth workshops on these issues and have many thoughts to share about the future THEY want to manifest. 

SwitchPoint is a global gathering produced by IntraHealth International focusing on global health, humanitarian innovation, technology, art, and advocacy.  Whatever your point of view, whatever future you envision, we’d like to hear YOUR ideas, hopes, and expectations for the future YOU want. We want to think together about global and country priorities and sustainable strategies for health, about who pays, and how we reach the goals we set for the greatest benefit and a healthy world for all. Join in! 


Seth Berkley

Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance

Kalipso Chalkidou

The Global Fund

Santiago Cornejo

COVAX Facility & Gavi

Polly Dunford

IntraHealth International

Mariama Abdou Gado

Medical Student and Family Planning Youth Ambassador

Githinji Gitahi

Amref Health Africa

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