Sika Nabiliou


Sika was born in Sokodé, Togo, and earned her bachelor’s degree at age 16. In 2011 she began studying architecture at the African School of Architecture and Town Planning Crafts. Since August 2013 she has served as an executive of some of the youngest architectural consultation agencies in Africa and was an early adopter of the collaborative technology tool L’Africaine d’architecture. Sika now leads a team that focuses on recycling plastic waste from electronic devices into building materials. She is a full member of the WoeLab Community, the first Democracy of Technology Space installed by L’Africaine d’architecture under the project of African smart city "HubCité." She is well known for W.Afate 3D printer in e.waste project and also leads 'TERRES, a startup incubated at WoeLab that won Entrepreneurial Project of the Year in Togo in 2013.

3D Printers Built from eWaste/Woelabs

Friday, April 25, 2014