Sameer Abdel-Khalek


Sameer Abdel-Khalek is a photographer, videographer, graphic designer, and founder of FISDJ, a multimedia company based out of Raleigh, NC. A Muslim and first generation American of Egyptian and El Salvadorian descent, his pictures have graced a range of album covers, publications and web sites. He is the photographer and videographer for Poetic Portraits of a Revolution, a project that helped capture the images and emotions of the transformative movements in Egypt and Tunisia in 2011 through poetic reflections, oral interviews, still photography, and video. His visual work is noted for its ability to convey a strong message and to use light and shadow to expose life in its purest forms. A graduate from the Environmental Technology program at North Carolina State University, Sameer has a deep-rooted commitment to promoting environmental activism and social awareness around issues that affect the majority of the world's population.