Dykki Settle

IntraHealth International

Dykki Settle began his career as the first webmaster for the SunSITE project—now www.ibiblio.org, one of the earliest, largest, and longest-running online libraries of open resources. But he dreamed about how open-source approaches could be game-changers in developing countries. What if, instead of paying steep licensing fees or struggling to glean information from paper records, developers could freely use and modify software to help solve entrenched data problems? Today, Dykki leads IntraHealth International and CapacityPlus’s efforts in health worker informatics, bringing a health worker-centered approach to the availability and use of high-quality information. Dykki offers consulting services in developing and implementing open-source information solutions for human resources for health; helping countries build capacity for new health technologies; and supporting regional and country health organizations to realize the power of open-source technology for global health.

Solutions, Tools, and Responsive Engineering

Friday, April 20, 2012