Posted on Wednesday, June 14, 2017 by Brian Southwell
A spark of an idea does not always lead to innovation or sustainable change. In this episode, we explore how innovators at SwitchPoint 2017 develop their ideas through collaboration, communication, and sheer belief in the idea.
Posted on Wednesday, June 7, 2017 by Brian Southwell
In our first part of a 3-episode series, we visit SwitchPoint 2017 to gain insights on how people conceive ideas and where they draw their inspirations.
Posted on Thursday, June 1, 2017 by Margarite Nathe
Every year, IntraHealth International hosts SwitchPoint, a conference that pulls together the smart, the curious, and the creative from all circles of humanitarian and global development work. And together, we work to solve the biggest problems of our day. You know, no big deal. Just kidding. It's huge. And now you can check out everything that happened at SwitchPoint 2017.
Posted on Wednesday, May 10, 2017 by Chris Hendricks
I could tell you about the specific ideas we heard at SwitchPoint, the ones that would restore your faith in a unified world. I could walk you through the laundry list of geniuses there, but I find I would trip on their humility and courage. I could open up about the friendships there, held close to the heart despite miles of distance, but none of that would be enough. This event deserves something more.
Posted on Sunday, May 7, 2017 by Nupoor Kulkarni and McCall Wells
Innovation, progress, ideation—buzzwords that start to lose their meaning the more you hear them. In an era of apps, tweets, LinkedIn networking connections, and various other unique technological innovations, the goal of tech is to cross boundaries, and more than providing a service, to do “good” for society.
Posted on Friday, May 5, 2017 by Neal Lesh
I had the good fortune of attending and presenting at the 2017 SwitchPoint conference, organized by Intrahealth International, in Saxapahaw, North Carolina. SwitchPoint brings together musicians, innovators, health practitioners, and a wider range of people working in global health and humanitarian response, for a few days of information sharing and soul searching. By putting people who do not typically work together in the same, secluded space and juxtaposing ideas that are seemingly unrelated, the meeting sparks creativity and self-reflection in the speakers, as well as the attendees.
Posted on Friday, May 5, 2017 by Carol Bales
That’s Maria talking. The other health worker storytellers are listening. We all are. She’s describing the background to her story—the one about the six-year-old named Savannah in foster care. Maria met Savannah while working as a community health worker in Phoenix, Arizona. Maria could relate, she had been a foster child too.
Posted on Thursday, May 4, 2017 by Michelle Korte
Storytelling in advocacy is about improving feedback loops. It’s about better ensuring that dire needs and specific proposals are communicated effectively and persuasively to people who make influential policy and financial decisions. While conferences and reports are rife with technical experts and statistics, sometimes these policy discussions lack the critical element of voice—the humanity behind the numbers.
Today was the second and final day of SwitchPoint 2017, a gathering of humanitarians from all over the world. While the conference is hosted by a global health organization (IntraHealth International), it’s designed to pull together smart, curious, creative people from all circles of humanitarian and global development work. On stage this year were frontline health workers and policy wonks, executives and entrepreneurs, techies and teachers, marketers, academics, artists, and I’m not kidding, an actual magician (slash scientist).
A sold-out crowd of over 300 humanitarians from across the globe all converged for day one of this annual conference in Saxapahaw, North Carolina, ready to talk about the latest—and often least-known—efforts toward greater social good around the world.